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Foot Pain: Why Quick Treatment Matters

I've never been one to call a doctor with minor ailments. While that sounds good on the surface, it can mean that a condition gets so bad that professional treatment becomes necessary. That is why I found myself in the office of a local podiatrist last year. It started with a pain in my right heel. I tried all sorts of over the counter products and nothing helped. When the pain got bad enough to keep me awake at night, I finally sought medical help. After months of suffering, it took nothing more than a minor procedure to take care of the problem. If you have pain in the feet, ankles, legs, or knees, don't waste time trying home remedies. See a podiatrist today. I'm betting that the professional can get rid of your pain quickly and save you weeks of suffering.

How To Get Rid Of Painful Corns On Your Feet — And Prevention Tips

21 July 2018
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A corn on the foot is a hardened area of the skin that can be painful when pressed. It can also make walking or standing painful for your feet depending on where it is located on the foot. Corns usually appear on the toes or on the sides of the feet, and they are caused from wearing poorly fitting shoes or from friction. Read on for tips to help get rid of corns, and learn how to prevent them from returning. Read More …

Four Of The Biggest Concerns About Children’s Feet

8 February 2018
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There is a whole array of issues that come up with children's health, luckily, many of these issues are easily fixed with the help of their pediatrician, although there may come a point in time when they need to see a specialist, including a foot and ankle specialist. Here are four reasons why this may come about: Flatfoot: Young kids, before the age of three, are going to have flatfeet, so it's not a concern until they have passed this age. Read More …