3 Tips For Protecting Your Ankles While Playing Soccer

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Ankles While Playing Soccer

27 April 2015
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With more Americans becoming more interested in soccer, more younger people are joining leagues across the country. While playing, it is important to take precautions to avoid injuries, especially ankle injuries. Here are some tips to ensure that you can enjoy the sport without suffering an injury.

Wear the Right Ankle Brace

The brace that you choose for wear during soccer practice and matches needs to not only support your ankle, but be lightweight enough not to impact your game. A brace that has a low profile that does not block your cleats or shin guards is appropriate for wear during games. 

To ensure that you get a brace with the right fit, have one custom-fitted. An ankle doctor can measure your foot and ankle and use those measurements to make a recommendation for support. 

If you do opt to get a brace from a sporting goods store, ask your ankle doctor to check the fit before wearing it. 

Protect Your Shins

Any injury to your shins can impact the health of your ankles. Even though it can seem uncomfortable at times, it is important that you wear shin guards while playing. 

The shin guards help to protect your shins from fractures. They work by spreading out the force of a blow to your shins. By spreading the blow, it makes it less harmful to your shins. 

Although you might be inclined to wear smaller shin guards or ones that will pass the inspection of your coach and referees, you need to wear the largest ones possible. The more protection you have, the more coverage and protection your shins have. 

Even though you need large shin guards, be careful not to choose guards that are so big, they hinder your movement. You might have to test several pairs of guards before finding the right pair. 

Improve Your Physical Condition

Some of the injuries that you incur as a soccer beginner are the result of inexperience. As you learn the game, you will better understand how your body moves during play. 

To help speed you towards being a better player, it is crucial that you get in shape. In addition to playing soccer, you should work on building muscle. Work with a trainer or talk to your coach about building a strength training regimen that will help you get to wear you need to be physically.

Protecting your ankles is not only good for your gaming skills, it is also idea for your everyday life. If you have any problems or want to ensure that your ankles are in good health, schedule an appointment with your ankle doctor such as Advanced Foot & Ankle Center of Palatine.